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Rupees (PKR)
United States
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United Kingdom
British Pound
Canadian Dollar
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Riyal

Currency Rate in Pakistan and its Comparison

You can see the above table for updated currency rates and their comparison with PKR. Currency rates can be little differ from actual market prices because every exchange rate is different and selling and purchasing rates fluctuate every hour.

Like every other country Pakistan currency is also on a daily basis change mood. Most of the time it depends on dollar rates and the trade that has been going on by Port in Karachi. Pakistan is an growing economy and GDP of Pakistan is increasing on a high rate then any other country in the world.

Currency Rate in Table

In the above table we have used all the necessary currencies that are mostly require to compare in Pakistan. We have created our Facebook page for the discussion on commodities and other metals. You can visit our Facebook page by clicking here.

Investing in Currency

If someone have plans to invest in currency it is a good choice but one should keep in mind that he must have full knowledge of exchange and exchange rates in the country. Exchange rates also change with the political condition of a country. Stability in a country always put good effects on exchange rates of an economy. So It is to advise that if you want to invest on currency you should keep a full eye on currency rate in Pakistan, Financials, Stocks, exchange rates and political stability.

Who Invest in Currencies

People who invest in currency mostly have done degrees in finance, charter accountants and who have experience in working with finance department of countries.

currency rate in pakistan


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